Course Overview

Course Overview
This is an online course. Suitable for all levels, including beginners.

This course aims to bring suppleness, flexibilty and greater strength to all who attend as well as a sense of calm and peace.

Introduce Hatha Yoga practice, improve flexibility and strength, teach the importance of correct breathing and aid relaxation, focus and concentration.

This course caters for learners new to yoga and also to learners with some experience.

No prior knowledge or experience required.

Very brief course description
Mindful hatha yoga course with a focus on wellbeing. All are welcome including beginners. This course may be of particular interest to those who wish to maintain mobility and who are retired or over 55 years old. Yoga practices offered will be nurturing and supportive for every person. The class has a holistic approach and is a mixed ability level class suitable for all fitness levels.

Course Overview

Additional Costs

Additional Costs
None Additional Costs

What should I bring to the first lesson?

What should I bring to the first lesson?
An internet connection and device.

Advisable - wear loose comfortable clothing.

Advisable - a travel/rug/blanket for relaxation. Optional - a cushion or yoga block.
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Jo Bogacz
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This course in online only

This course in online only