Course Overview

Course Overview
Coiled basketwork
Coiled basket work is known from many parts of the world. In Britain its history is mainly in bee skeps made of straw and skeined (split) willow, (as seen at St Fagans).
Around the world many other materials have been used, leaves roots, bark, etc to make functional and artistic baskets.
Today there is no limit to what can be used to produce colourful baskets, artwork or jewellery, using plant materials, string, rope, yarn, fabric, old clothes or other waste materials, etc.
During the course we will concentrate on techniques to get you started, choice and preparation of materials, and looking at some work from makers around the world to give us inspiration.
Course Overview

Additional Costs

Additional Costs
Additional Costs

What should I bring to the first lesson?

What should I bring to the first lesson?
Tools and materials.
The tools needed are sharp scissors to cut with and a fairly large needle. The best kind are known as chenille needles as they have a large eye and a sharp point.
Each piece of work needs two materials, for the core and for the stitching.
Core – strings, yarns, rope, plant materials, fabric, raffia, fleece etc
Stitching – linen, cotton, yarn, raffia, plant materials, waxed threads.
The tutor could supply a small pack to participants in advance with a certain amount of materials to get started with at an extra cost of
Pack (examples)
Linen thread
hessian string
cotton thread
thin rope
sea grass
thick yarn

Video conferencing style lesson format
Time spent with students working, with opportunity to ask questions, show work etc.

It’s possible to get started with simple techniques, and then different methods and materials can be introduced as time goes on. Students can practise the ones they choose. After a few sessions students would be encouraged to plan and design a specific project.
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Llanover Hall
Sarah Lart
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This course in online only

This course in online only