Course Overview

Course Overview
This online course aims to help learners develop their French by listening to recordings, viewing videos, reading and writing, and taking part in informal conversations. This course is taught through the medium of French, so you need to get by in the language. This doesn't mean being completely fluent! I will gently encourage you to have a go, using mostly French explanations but also occasional English or Welsh 'subtitles' if I feel that will help you. Enjoyment is key! I design a brand-new programme each term, with a varied selection of topics, which I will email you at the start of term so you know exactly what will be covered. Additionally, I will email you a newsletter each week, containing information about items of interest, updates on French news and a reminder about the following week's topic. You are welcome to practise your written French by emailing me short pieces about the set topics or any subject of your choice. I encourage you to converse with other learners and there will be regular short, informal and optional conversations on Google Meet. I actively encourage you to do some private study: going over new vocabulary, researching the next topic, finding a piece of current French news. However, if life gets in the way or even if the proverbial dog eats your homework, you will always be welcome on this course. Course Overview

Additional Costs

Additional Costs
You will need an internet connection and a suitable device. Additional Costs

What should I bring to the first lesson?

What should I bring to the first lesson?
Apart from an internet connection and a suitable device, a dictionary will be useful. First Lesson
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Canolfan Beulah
Valerie Hannagan Lewis
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This course in online only

This course in online only