Course Overview

Course Overview
This is a 30 week course, which consists of three 10 week terms.

• A class for those with little or no experience to gain drawing and painting skills.

• Explore drawing techniques, paint applications working from still life and photographs.

• Develop learners' observational and representational skills over a broad range of subjects, encouraging learners to their own powers of self-expression.

• There are no specific requirements for joining - just come with an open mind and enthusiasm to learn more about the adventure of are - finding languages of visual expression.
Course Overview

Additional Costs

Additional Costs
• A small charge is asked for class tea and coffee and for colour photocopied material if students wish to purchase the images at end of class.

• Students will have time to build up their stock of materials term by term so the outlay will be spread throughout the year.

• The empasis is on finding out about materials and much advice will be given in class ablout value for money of papers, brushes, paints and drawing media.
Additional Costs

What should I bring to the first lesson?

What should I bring to the first lesson?
• Bring along an A3 cartridge paper sketch pad, a pack of B-9B pencils and putty rubber. First Lesson
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Canolfan Beulah
Sian Williams
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